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The National Trust

Back in March of this year, I worked with PastPorte on a series of locative audio dramas for the Manor Gardens at Hidcote. Designed to bring the reclusive designer, Lawrence Johnston, back to life, the five-minute pieces of binaural drama lead visitors around the main features of the garden. You can listen to the first of the six episodes on the PastPorte Audioboo page.
Plans for more content are in the offing, as are discussion with a national broadcaster to turn the historical sections into an afternoon play…


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Financial literacy

A new service that aims to digitise pocket money, featurin’ a script wot I wrote. Via Oil Studios.


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Black Swans

An interesting new challenge came my way recently: how to introduce an adult drink which contained no alcohol to the London bar scene.

I worked with Cubo to produce a range of concepts for ZEO, which fed into the UK launch of this sophisticated beverage.

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Yr country needs U

Very pleased to see this live!


A joint effort between Preloaded (who brought me in) and the The Parliamentary education service, MyUK was devised as a method of explaining the political process to teenagers, more used to playing games than engaging with democracy.

Its always nice to see how a game (which up to now I’ve only seen via a spreadsheet the size of Hampshire) comes together. And it’s great!  Honestly, a fantastically balanced mixture of play and discovery, designed in such a way as to connect the hidden processes of government with our wider experience of politics.

Congratulations to both Preloaded and the PES for explaining the process of government in a language teenagers can understand. Who knows – maybe some might become interested enough to consider public office, and an informed majority does no one any harm.

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Spanish Style!

Matt Berry is not only funny, he’s clever at music. Whilst producing at Oil Studios, we had a discussion with HatTrick Productions regarding his ideas for an iPhone app. And so it came to pass that I was the app producer for “Matt Berry’s Sexytime Soundtrack”. What possible purpose might such a thing serve? Well, it’ll provide a rhythmically accurate soundtrack to your antics: ‘It’s the perfect tool for men and women who are both open-minded and competitive’.

MBSTST on iTunes

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Stories with food

Angela Hartnett is a Michelin starred chef and journalist, whose passion for traditional Italian cookery, skill in the kitchen and down-to-earth good humour are slowly but surely making her a fixture in the minds of food lovers everywhere.

Working as location and online producer, I conceptualised and ran the production of the Murano restaurant website and helped establish the forthcoming ‘School of Hartnett’ principle of keeping it simple and keeping it real (with a little help from a small dog called Alfie). I can also confirm that the frankly astonishing seasonal lunch with matched wines I was served (including extra truffle courses brought out by the Chef Patron herself) has no bearing whatsoever on my assertion you should treat yourself and someone you care about to lunch there. Be prepared to pay a lot less than you’re thinking you will, and to have the food live in your mind for many years to come…

*burps dreamily*


School of Hartnett


Congratulations to Angela on her recent Good Food Guide win!

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This supposed collection of recent work is in desperate need of an update, but I find myself doing too much _actual_ work to update it. I feel like a clown with a broken funny bone, who’s been hit by a car being driven by Alanis Morrisette – ironic or what!?!?1!one!!

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Do you know Who I Am?

Or more accurately, do you know who you are?

‘Who Am I?’ is a recently opened exhibition at the London’s Science Museum. I ended up contributing to the script for the game ‘Thingdom’ for previous employers and all-round good eggs, Preloaded, who then proceeded to up the ante on good-eggedness, by recommending me to the Science Museum direct. So, I also got to contribute to the script for one of the installations in the main gallery space. Haven’t seen it in situ myself, but the dev stuff I did see all looked very interesting and informative.


Who Am I?

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Shiver me timbers

– and other high seas tomfoolery abound in a nifty little game from Preloaded I was lucky enough to be involved with.

“Trafalgar Origins” forms a part of a Channel4 series examining the role of ‘Johnny Foreigner’ in the building of the British Empire, and gives you the chance to command a Ship-of-the-Line.

As with much of Channel 4’s educational output, it’s a masterly balance of fact and fun and was a joy to work on. Props to everyone at Preloaded!

Trafalgar Origins

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Trade press ad for a friend’s agency.


I know, I know – but a good pun is it’s own reword. Sorry.

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