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Marc Williams – creative copywriter for advertising and scriptwriter for games


A brief history

Note: the following is a discursive exercise. A more formal Curriculum Vitae is available: MJ_Williams_CV

I began my working life as a gif chopper at CHBI, having realised that there were already quite enough unemployed Fine Art sculptors in the world. I learnt a great deal at that agency, and left at around the time it was bought by Razorfish, following an ‘inspirational’ (ie: slightly inebriated) meeting with Phil Jones, who convinced me to come and work for him at Realtime Studios. I got to work on several of the Diesel sites, as well as projects for Motorola and an online store for Sony PlayStation which never saw the light of day.

Following Realtime’s merger with the below the line agency Evans Hunt Scott, I began writing copy for DM, alongside the art direction and design work for digital. This meant that when the dotcom bubble burst in 2000, I managed to avoid the cull.

2000 was also the year I got married to the still-wonderful Ms. Charlotte Pritchard-Davies. The wedding, for reasons which escape me now, was on “This Morning with Richard and Judy”.

As web advertising began to pick up again, I was part of the pitch team for the newly relaunched MINI, mostly in charge of the website, but with a bit of DM copy thrown in. The MINI web experience also included some games, which I wrote, designed and produced – MINI AIR HOCKEY made it onto the site, however a second game involving Zombies throwing themselves out of the windows of a skyscraper didn’t; it was due to go live on September 11th, 2001. I recall the word ‘inappropriate’ being used repeatedly.

At this point, there was a brief intermission, during which I tried to make a living as a comedian, pretending to be a second-rate personality DJ. I’m not sure what I was thinking.

Returning to my senses (and having become a father for the first time) I did a brief stint as a contract copywriter for, writing for BT, followed by a more permanent move to EHS Brann as creative director for Volvo. The Life on Board project was a pretty big campaign running across Europe, which won several awards, including 3 Cyber Lions at Cannes.

However, I was after something else, and left to join a small start up called Mook, where I spent several happy years. It was during this time I produced my first major game design via the BBC ID&E development fund. I realised I wanted to do more of the games thing, so left Mook to go freelance.

In 2007 I almost went back to fulltime, when a long time dream agency came-a-calling. I spent two months working as the CD on Nokia at R/GA, but it wasn’t for me. So instead, we sold our house in London’s fashionable East London and moved to the countryside, where we currently live with our two daughters in an old Co-Op that needs a hell of a lot of renovating.

Once again, I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking.


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