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Yr country needs U

Very pleased to see this live!


A joint effort between Preloaded (who brought me in) and the The Parliamentary education service, MyUK was devised as a method of explaining the political process to teenagers, more used to playing games than engaging with democracy.

Its always nice to see how a game (which up to now I’ve only seen via a spreadsheet the size of Hampshire) comes together. And it’s great!  Honestly, a fantastically balanced mixture of play and discovery, designed in such a way as to connect the hidden processes of government with our wider experience of politics.

Congratulations to both Preloaded and the PES for explaining the process of government in a language teenagers can understand. Who knows – maybe some might become interested enough to consider public office, and an informed majority does no one any harm.


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Spanish Style!

Matt Berry is not only funny, he’s clever at music. Whilst producing at Oil Studios, we had a discussion with HatTrick Productions regarding his ideas for an iPhone app. And so it came to pass that I was the app producer for “Matt Berry’s Sexytime Soundtrack”. What possible purpose might such a thing serve? Well, it’ll provide a rhythmically accurate soundtrack to your antics: ‘It’s the perfect tool for men and women who are both open-minded and competitive’.

MBSTST on iTunes

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Do you know Who I Am?

Or more accurately, do you know who you are?

‘Who Am I?’ is a recently opened exhibition at the London’s Science Museum. I ended up contributing to the script for the game ‘Thingdom’ for previous employers and all-round good eggs, Preloaded, who then proceeded to up the ante on good-eggedness, by recommending me to the Science Museum direct. So, I also got to contribute to the script for one of the installations in the main gallery space. Haven’t seen it in situ myself, but the dev stuff I did see all looked very interesting and informative.


Who Am I?

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Shiver me timbers

– and other high seas tomfoolery abound in a nifty little game from Preloaded I was lucky enough to be involved with.

“Trafalgar Origins” forms a part of a Channel4 series examining the role of ‘Johnny Foreigner’ in the building of the British Empire, and gives you the chance to command a Ship-of-the-Line.

As with much of Channel 4’s educational output, it’s a masterly balance of fact and fun and was a joy to work on. Props to everyone at Preloaded!

Trafalgar Origins

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Children’s BBC

Today sees the delivery of a pretty sizeable project for CBBC and my first fully scripted game.

I’ve been working on this for the last six months, and have been involved since initial project discussions, meaning I got to develop the concept, work on the production design and define the game world. For the most part though, I was on board to write the scripts and do the mission design.

The game is for the launch of a new CBBC online experience and goes into beta in January: when its live, I’ll write some more and stick a link up.

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R&D for CBBC

Just completed three months research and development work for the Children’s BBC Innovation fund and its gone really well, culminating in a presentation to the head of Children’s Interactive, Marc Goodchild.

Of the four pieces of work produced, one has gone forward for a feasibility assessment, meaning I can’t say anything about now, but it was a great experience, featuring system design, scriptwriting and direction.

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